There is a wealth of data available on how our bodies are performing and what we can do to improve our individual health. A one-size-fits-all, traditional medical approach leaves many continuing to search for answers. Using cutting edge algorithms and devoted time from our expert staff, OptiGenetix utilizes the results of genetic and functional medicine testing to understand each person’s bio-individuality and provides customized actionable plans to optimize your health.


Not only does OptiGenetix look at which genetic mutations you have, we study how your unique combination of mutations interact with one another. Our customized approach uses your individual DNA and its epigenetic expression to uncover your true potential and empower the optimal you.


OptiGenetix offers a range of services.


As you know, our DNA remains unchanged. The genes we are born with will be the same genes we will carry through our life. This fact makes gene based supplementation an important and obvious tool for lifelong health.


Genetic analysis focused on the areas of methylation, detoxification, nutrigenomics, and/or estrogen metabolism coupled with development of a customized  actionable plan based on your mutations is OptiGenetix’ base option.


When working to achieve true optimal health we like to factor in both nature and nurture. Our nature is our DNA, unchanged. Our nurture factors in lifestyle, diet, environmental toxins, heavy metal exposure, gut health, and what our body’s current nutritional status’ are. This data represents our epigenetics; how our DNA is expressing itself in the now.


Genetic + epigenetic analysis is providing an actionable health optimization plan based on the combination of your genetic and targeted functional medicine tests is OptiGenetix’ next level of service towards gaining optimal health.


Just need a little guidance? Through OptiGenetix’ consultant services we can provide advice of which tests would be best suited for you based on your symptoms, analyze results of tests you acquired elsewhere, or help you get prepped for your next Doctor’s visit by arming you with which questions to ask, which data to reference, and which tests to push for.


Your time and your health are your most precious possessions.  Allow us to help you optimize both!


“The Best Way to Predict Your Future Is To Create It”